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Potting Media

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Crystal Clear Orchid Pots

Oxygen Core Dual Orchid Pots

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Rigid Clear Orchid Pots

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African Violet Pots

Orchid Fertilizer & Supplements

- Products for Strong Plants

FEED ME!™ MSU Orchid Fertilizer - RO/Rain/Tap Water Version

FEED ME!™ MSU Orchid Fertilizer - Well Water Version

Organic Seaweed Supplements

Throw and Grow


KLN Rooting Concentrate

Orchid Health

- Products for Naturally Healthy Plants

GET OFF ME!™ Natural Pest Control Spray

Natural Fungus Gnat Control

Knockout Punch
One Two Punch

Physan 20

Ground Cinnamon

Oyster Shell

Natural Lime

Take Two Solutions

Orchid Supplies

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Vanda Baskets

Orchid Mounts

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Orchid Supports

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Plant Labels

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Repotting FAQ
Phalaenopsis Repotting Clinic
Cattleya Repotting Clinic
Terrestrial Orchid Repotting Clinic
Find the Right Orchid Mix
When to Repot an Orchid
Repotting Calendar

Orchid Care

- Practical Orchid Care Advice

Orchid Care Corner
Your First Orchid
Orchid Identification
Phalaenopsis Care
New Orchid Care
Cattleya Care
Yellow Orchid Leaves
Mounted Orchids
Orchid Sunburn
Orchid Root Size
Orchid Growth
Bloom Times
Orchid Calendar
Staking Orchids
Fertilizer FAQ
Orchid Mix Ideas
All About Sphagnum Moss
Media Weights

Finding Orchid Supplies

Finding the best orchid supply company can be a real challenge. MYORCHIDSUPPLY is dedicated to helping you find not only the right supplies for your needs but also the right orchid mix for every genera, and the media that you can create your own mix from. A division of rePotme.com, MYORCHIDSUPPLY represents 21 Classic Orchid Mixes, in addition to Select-A-Blend which offers 47 different orchid media from Aliflor to New Zealand AAA Sphagnum. Select-A-Blend orchid Mix allows you to create your own mix which is then blended by the company, packaged and immediately shipped to your door!

FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer is exclusively offered by rePotme.com as is the all Natural GET OFF ME! Insect Spray which can be ordered as a kit with spray bottle, in refill containers of Pint, Quart, and Gallon, or in Combo Packs with FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer at a discount over the regular price. Great orchid supplies shipped directly to your door.

Crystal Clear Plastic Orchid Pots, Clear Slotted Pots and amazing ceramic orchid pots with rich deep glazes can also be found here. With over 55 different ceramic pots, more than 20 unique plastic pots and a vast selection of supports, clips, cork mounts, vanda baskets and orchid lighting products, you will be delighted to experience all that is offered. An orchid supply company that uses what it sells too.

From quarts of media to big boxes holding gallons, the mix options are endless. African Violet mixes, Cactus mixes, even beautiful African Violet Pots are here in a variety of shapes and color combinations. Our customers are the best judges of how we are doing, and they have helped us grow to become the premier destination for orchid supplies and mixes. We hope you will give us a try too, our goal is to delight you with outstanding service, extraordinary supplies and lightning fast shipping directly to your door. Most orders ship the same day they are placed.

Orchid Mixes are what we here at rePotme Orchid Supplies are famous for, but orchid supplies, orchid pots, orchid fertilizer, orchid care information, and all sorts of ceramic orchid pots make us a destination for smart orchid growers everywhere. We Deliver the Goods!